Thursday, May 26, 2011

For Liberty: Ron Paul Revolution

Good watch:

learn more about the ideas of Ron Paul:

Alex Jones - TSA talk

Sony Bloggie Touch (MHS-TS20/B) - 8 GB, 4 Hours NEWEST MODEL

I will have this on me while out and about to capture video of peoples rights being violated!

I've had this camera for about a week now and have been loving it ever since. I've used another "flip" camcorder and the Bloggie Touch puts it to shame.

1. Love the quick on and record. Great for spontaneous videos of the little one.
2. The touch screen interface makes it both useful and fun to use the big screen.
3. The still pictures come out brilliant, when the lighting and focus is good.
4. The battery charges up super fast and stays with you for a whole day of shooting.
5. The image stabilization is good. You can take decent video while walking around and panning too. Note that it is not optical, but electronic SteadyShot stabilization.
6. The lens is very good quality and the pictures are crisp.
7. Really like the "snap picture while recording" feature. I find myself using that feature the most. The video doesn't stall while the picture (full 12M resolution) is being taken and since the focus and exposure are usually locked well while you're in the middle of the video, the pictures come out great.

1. In low lighting, there is quite a bit of graininess and using the digital zoom makes it much worse.
2. While the lens is good quality, the auto-focus mechanism is really very slow. If you move around the camera too much before focus has locked on, the auto-focus will almost never lock.
3. What I really miss with this camera is a flash. Even a tiny one would help with low light pictures.
4. Minor annoyance: to preview a picture right after you take it, you have to go through at least two clicks. Sony could have designed it so that it always goes to the last picture taken by default, instead of the thumbnail list of all pictures/video on the device.

I decided to purchase this camera over a still camera that can do video because:
1. This one is dead simple. One button to turn on, one to take video and one to take stills. This makes it both easy and quick to use.
2. This one can do 1080p video and 720p at 60fps.
3. Its under $200 and is smaller than your phone.
4. Its got internal flash and USB connector - no more SD cards or cables. 8GB is enough to get you through the day before you can come back to your laptop to dump the pictures.

I decided to purchase this camera over other ones in the same category because:
1. Its got a big display and the touch screen is fun to use.
2. Its got a better lens system than the others.
3. Its got (some) image stabilization.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base

After reading fascinating political and conspiracy thrillers like Gods of Ruin that make you wonder what's really going on behind the curtain, you're intrigued to find out the real story behind secret government enclaves like Groom Lake (Area 51). What's most provocative is that much of what Jacobsen (an investigative journalist) learned through the people that worked at Groom Lake was still classified by the federal government. In an age of Wikileaks, this type of source-finding is not unheard of, but it's still absolutely compelling.

Put aside for a moment whether you think it's the government's role to have a secret base full of soldiers, spies, scientists, and engineers working to further military technology in secret; their stories are worth the read.

What you won't get in this book is a fairy tale about how aliens crashed at this area and that's why the government made a nice little base here. What you will get in this book is stories of its development as a top training ground for Cold War CIA operatives and an unconscionable test site for nuclear "dirty bombs" and of course "what should never have happened at all," as Jacobsen put it.

I highly recommend this book if you're interested in history, government, politics, and conspiracy theories. Jacobsen does a great job at telling a compelling tale about a unique place in America's past and present.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ron Pauls new book

Just ordered this one, super excited, especially after reading these other books, maybe I will join his campaign now that he has officially launched it.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Ron Paul 2012

I am super excited that Ron Paul has decided to run again.  We need sound monetary policy and proper appropriations and no more handouts and entitlement mentality.  Our military really needs to come home.  We need healing in our nation!  Come together he will only win if we are a grassroots movement!

Friday, May 13, 2011

stupid government interference

So they stopped online poker from the united states... all that does is piss people off.  I ended up with a bunch of money i will never see in full tilt now... so if you can still play learn how to get some today.

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